General Terms and Conditions
for trading via online store Print Idea

The current document consists of General Terms and Conditions for trading between Octarina Ltd. (ID No. 200034830, VAT No. BG200034830, registration address: Bulgaria, 6000 Stara Zagora, 103 Sveti Kniaz Boris Str.) – registered in Registry Agency, called below "The Company" and the person, who agreed to the current General Terms and Conditions, called below "The Client".Both of them are in relation concerning ordering and buying goods, offered by the Company in their online store Print Idea, called below "The Store ".
Clause 1. The Company gives the opportunity to the Client to buy the offered goods from the Store, after registration, placing an order and executing a payment of the sale price of the related goods, observing the current General Terms and Conditions.
Clause 2. (1) In order to receive a right to place valid orders at the Store, the Client must:
2.1 Be a physical person, above 18 years or company, registered in the Store and have accepted the current General Terms and Conditions.
2.2 The online registration form must be filled correctly. The Client is obliged to fill accurately all the required data and to update them not later than 7 days after any changes. The Client declares that the data his provided in the registration form. The Client can read and understand the General Terms and Conditions, as well as methods of payment, delivery etc. before commencement of the registration, using the General Terms and Conditions link.
2.3 To agree with the current General Terms and Conditions in the following way: Before proceeding to step "Order Review" to mark with a tick in the square field "I have read and agree with the General Terms and Conditions". If the Client is familiar with the current General Terms and Conditions and mark the field, he can procced by clicking the button "Place Order". In this way the client execute virtual statement, in accordance with the Law for the digital document and digital signiture. In this way, he declares that has been introduced with the current General Terms and Conditions, accept them and is obliged to observe them. After saving this information to the Company's server the document gain the status of digital document, according to the above mentioned law. The Company can store the Client's IP address to its server, as well as other information, necessary for his identification and reproducing of his digital statement for accepting the General Terms and Conditions, in case of legal argument arising.
(2) After accepting the current General Terms and Conditions the Client is able to place valid orders for goods of the Store and is considered to be bound with the clauses of General Terms and Conditions and is obliged to observe them.
(3) In case the Client submit incorrect data or does not submit new data changes within 7 days, after any changes appearance, the Company has the right to stop support the Client's registration immediatly and without notice and to deny the access to his account.
(4) Before executing the statement of the section 2.3 of the current clause, the Client can freely change any information in the registration form, according to the paragraph 1, section 2.2 of the current clause.
(5) The Company confirms immediately the receiving the client's confirmation in step "Place Order" and sends a confirmation e-mail to the Client's mail, which contains: e-mail address of the Company; details of the order, placed by the Client, total amount of the order, including all taxes and delivery prices (if there is such), the delivery address chosen by the Client and the payment method.
(6) Every order of the Client, in accordance with the current General Terms and Conditions is executed by the Client, concernenig the sale-trade contract between the parties.
(7) In case of legal argument rise, the person who has stated his will to be bound with the current General Terms and Conditions, the person who has paid the price of the ordered goods is considered for the party of the contract.
Clause 3. (1) The Company publish description of the main features and image of every goods at address, as well as the retail price inluding VAT, the delivery price, payment methods etc. All this information is published according the client's right, related to the Law of Consumers Protection, clause 11, paragraph 4.
(2) The Company is not responsible if the goods manufaturer has submitted wrong information for the goods features.
Clause 4. (1) The publishment of the main features and thge price of the goods is public invitation for buying, according to Clause 290, paragraph 1 of the Trade Law, in order to be made a purchase in the way, described in Clause 5.
(2) If the Company has not the disposal of the ordered goods, it must imform the Client for by phone or by e-mail within 1 day after reveiving the order confirmation, according to Clause 5.
Clause 5. (1) The Client submits the order, executing sequence of the following actions:
1. choice of kind and quantity of the goods and order confirmation with clicking the button "Order" on the field of the related goods;
2. review of "My Cart" and possibility to change the desired quantities of the goods, choosen by the Client, as wall as partial or full delete of the choosen goods up to the moment. The order process proceed after clicking on the button "Proceed to checkout";
3. review of the billing information (possibility to change the delivery address);
4. acceptance and agreement of the proposed by the Company shiping methods and payment information - after reveiving by the Client at his address, cash on delivery or bank transfer.
5. consequent confirmation of the order by clicking "Place order".
(2) The order is considered as valid after clicking the button "Place order".
(3) When there is submitted not full or wrong address or phone number is considered that the order is not valid and the Company is not obliged to execute it.
(4) After the order the Company checks the goods availability and sends a confirmation e-mail to the Client or makes a phone call.
Clause 6. (1) All the prices at the Store are in Bulgarian Leva and include VAT.
(2) The prices indicated at the Store are for one item and do not include the delivery taxes. The prices and the terms of delivery are at the disposal of the Client in section "Delivery and Claims".
(3) The Clinet amount due is indicated in the goods buying invitation, at the moment the order is places, described in Clause 5.
Clause 7. (1) The retail price, according to Clause 6 of the goods, purchased by the Client, as well as the delivery expences, not includet in the retail price has to be pid by the Client or by the tird party on belahf of the Client -cash, cash on delivery to the Client's address or via bank trasnfer in the bank account, defined by the Company, using credit or debit card or in other way, indicated in the website of the Store.
(2) If the Client choose cash on delivery method, he is obliged to pay the retail price of the ordered goods, the delivery taxes not included in the retail price, on the day of the delivery to the address indicated in the order by the Client.
(3) If the Client choose advanced payment method (bank transfer or credit/debit card) and with acceptance of the current General Terms and Conditions the Client gives his approval for advanced payment, according to meaning of Clause 53, paragraph 1 of The Law of Consumers Protection.
Clause 8. (1) Ordered for purchase goods are delivered to the Clients address in terms, defined by the delivery company and described in section "Delivery and Claims". These terms and prices are defind according to the delivery zone, in which the client's address belongs. These temrs begin to pass at the moment the goods are handed over to the delivery company.
(2) The goods are delivered properly packed according to their kind and the delivery method.
Clause 9. (1) The goods are handed over to the Client or to third party, which accepts and confirms the goods receiving on behalf of the Client.
(2) At the goods reveiving the Client or the tird party sign all the required documents.
(3) In case the Client is not available at the defind by himself address or there is not possibility for reaching the address and conditions required for execution of the delivery, the Client is obliged to receive the goods even if the delivery terms is passed by and to pay all new delivery taxes. In this case, new delivery temr starts to pass, according to the Delivery terms of Clause 8, paragraph 1.
Clause 10. (1) The Client has the right to refuse the delivery, when:
1. the delivered goods obviously do not correspod to the orderd by the Client goods and this can be determined at the common examination;
2. during transportation the goods or the package have been broken;
3. the price that the Client have to pay does not corresponds to the due price accoring to Clause 6 or the delivery term is not observed.
(2) After receiving the goods, the Client has the right to ask for treir return, if there is significant disadvantage, which could not have been noticed at the common examination.
(3) At the conditions of paragraph 1, section 1, as well as at lack of correspondence between ordered and received goods, which could not have been noticed during the delivery, the Clinet can ask the Company to replace the delivered goods with the proper one. The Client must ask the Company by written for his will.
(4) The Client, which is consumer, according to the Law of Consumers Protection, has the right to refuse reveiving of the goods, whithout any explanations and without obligation of any additional taxes. The Client can decline the signed contract with returning the goods within 7 working days since the receiving date. In case the Client wants to return the goods in a manner, described in the above sentence, he should send a decline statement and to return the goods in good condition and indefeasibility whole. The decline statement have to be send in written to the Company address: Bulgaria, 6000 Stara Zagora, 103 Hadji Dimitar Asenov Str., floor 1 or at phone ++359 42 633303.
(5) In cases of paragraph 4, the Client is obliged to store the received goods properly, to ensure saving of their quality and safety druing the term of paragraph 4.
(6) The Company is obliged to refund the retail price of the goods wihout the prices for the delivery, not later than 15 working days, considered from the date on which the Client has stated his declination rights, according to paragraphs 1, 2 or 4 of the current Clause.
Clause 11. (1) The Company is obliged:
1. to deliver the ordered goods in term;
2. to transfer the property of the ordered goods to the Client;
3. to take care of implementation of his obligations.
(2) The Company has right:
1. to install small text files on the Client's computer, whish are saved from the website trough the server on the Client's hard drive and gives possibility to the Client's information to be restored as they identify him and trace his actions.
2. to place redirection files to other websites and advertisements for selling a goods and services by third parties, including website which are not under a control of the Company.
3. to send unwanted commercial massages to the Client in purpose to offer information and advertisements about various kind of goods and or services.
(3) The Company is not responsible if the Client cannot access the website because of problems of the control of the Company (hardware or software problems, problems with internet connections etc.). The Company takes care the available information at the website to be valid and up-to-date, but does not guarantee the completeness of it.
(4) The Company is not responsible for lack of access to the Store, as well as not executed or lately executed orders if there are invincible circumstances, accident events, problems with the global web and services ot of the Company control.
(5) The Company is not responsible for the quality correspondence and suitability of the ordered goods with the applied requirements of regulations.
(6) The Company is not responsible for damages, caused by the software, hardware or communication devices of lack of data, appeared after searching, loading or using materials and/or resources through the Store.
(7) In case in the Store are placed banners, links, advertisements etc. and they have given the Client access to other websites, the Company do not bare the responsibility for any damages, missed profits, appeared at the access and usage of these websites contents. The Company do not bare responsibility also for their contents, if they are against tha law.
(8) The company do not have obligation to control the way Client uses the Store.
Clause 12. (1) The Client is obliged: to provide accurate and valid address for the delivery and e-mail; to pay the delivery taxes; to receive the goods; to take all necessary care to protect his password; not to give his password to third parties and to inform the Company immediately in case of unathorized access to his user account as well as if such access is possible, the Client must suspend the session in which he has entered to his user account; to not send invalid orders or other invalid information.
(2) The Client takes all the responsibilities for keeping his password safe, as well as all the actions done by him or third party using his password. The Client has a right to access the Store online, observing the access conditions and requirements, defined by the Company; to place valid orders; online access and correction of his personal information.
(3) Accepting the current General Terms and Conditions the Client agrees to reveive unwanted commercial messages from the Company for the purposes, defind by the current conditions.
(4) For the usage of the Store, the Client is obliged: to observe Bulgarian Legacy, current General Terms and Conditions, the morality rules and ethics, not to break somebody else's properties and non-properties rights, including the right for the intelectual property; not to interfere with the proper system operation; not to prevent someone else client's identification procedure; not to access the system in unallowed ways; not to prevent other clients to use the Store, as well as using the Store in a manner, leading to services denial; not to download information, resources or partial information resources of the Store's database and to use them for his purposes; not to identify himself as another person (or group of persons) or company representative, which is not authorized to represent or in another way to mislead third parties for his identity; not to provoke installation of computer viruses or remote control systems; not to interfere with the normal actions of the Internet users nad the associated networks; not to make any actions, which can be qualified as crime or administrative offence according to the Bulgarian legacy or other applicable legacy.
(5) If the Client does not observe the rules stated in the above paragraph, the Company has a right immediately and without any notice to stop the client's access to the Store,as well as right to receive a compensation for all the sustain losses ot missed advantages, which are direct consequence of not observing the obligation, described in the above paragraph. In these cases the Company has the right to approach the competent state authorities for the present violation.
Clause 13. The Company has the right ot collect and use the Clients' information, when they are registered users. The information which identifies the person in the Store may include name, surname, family name, address, proffesion, sex, age, phone number, e-mail address and all kind of information the Client has submit during his registration, according to the current General Terms and Conditions, as well as any other information whitch the client commits during ordering, receiving or using the services, supplied by the Company related to promotions and others.
Clause 14. (1) The Company is responsible to take care about the protection of Client's information, provided to it in relation of selling goods in the Store - subject of the current General Terms and Conditions, unless in cases of invincible force or accidental event
(2) In the registration form the Company marks all the required and optional fields and the consequences of denial for providing them. Accepting the General Terms and Conditions the Client agrees his information to be processed in the described way
(3) The limitations in paragraph 1 will not be applied in case the Client or other persons are broke the rights or legal interests of tird parties. In this case the Company has the right to provide the Client personal information ot the competent state authorities. The Company has the right to provide the following Client's information: full name, delivery address nad other personal data to the delivery company only for the purpose of the delivery of the ordered by the Client goods.
Clause 15. (1) The Company collects and uses the information of Clause 13 for the purpose, stated in the current General Terms and Conditions, as well as for offering of new free or payable goods and/or services to the Client for the offered by third parties goods and-or services, for promotions and others.
(2) Accespting the current General Terms and Conditions the Client agrees with the processing of his personal data for the purpose of the direct marketing. The Client has a right to object against the processing of his personal data for the purpose of the direct marketing with sending of written message to the Company's e-mail adress.
(3) Accespting the current General Terms and Conditions the Client is consedered informed by the meaning of Clause 34, section 3 of the Protection of Personal Information Law, that the personal information can be revealed to the tird parties observing the operative legacy or used for the purposes of the direct marketing. The Client has a right to object against the processing of his personal data for the purpose of the direct marketing with sending of written message to the Company's e-mail adress.
(4) All the above described purposes for which the information can be used are not listed thoroughly and does not araise Company's duties. All other purposes for which the information is used will correspond to the Bulgarian legacy, applicable foreign acts, the morality rules and ethics.
Clause 16. The Company is obliged not to reveal any Client's personal information to third parties, state authorities, commercial companies, phisycal persons and others, unless in the following cases:
a) if The Company has received a special agreement by the Client during registration or later, including in conditions of Clause 15, paragraph 3;
b) if the information is required by the government or other state authority, which are authorized by the state law to collect this kind of information, observing the required legal procedures;
c) in other cases, forseen by the law.
Clause 17. (1) In case of thermination of the contract the Company deactivates the client's profile and erases his access password.
(2) The Client can ask for his client profile termination all the time. In this case the termination has to be done immediately after exectution of all valid orders, submitted by the Client and respectively payment of all charges and delivery expences.
(3) Except the cases forssen in the current General Terms and Conditions, the contract between the parties has to be terminated if some of the following circumstances occure:
1. suspending the Company activities;
2. termination of Store support;
3. in other casesm forseen by the law.
Clause 18. Out of the cases, noted in the current General Terms and Conditions, each of both parties can suspend the contract with sending a one week advanced notification to the other party, in cases of non-execution of the Contract.
Clause 19. (1) The Client is obliged to compensate the Company and other third parties for all damages and missed benefits, including all the expences spent in result of raised claims or payed compensations to third parties in relation with non-exectuion of his duties to the present contract, violation of the state legacy, all the applicable foreign legacies, the current General Terms and Conditions, the good morality and Internet ethics.
(2) The Client is obliged to compensate the Company also for damaged caused by third parties which has received the client password by himself.
(3) The Company is obliged to compensate the Client for all damaged, caused with malice prepense or gross negligence.
Clause 20. The parties declare that in caeses some of the clauses of the current General Terms and Conditions turns out invalid, this will not cause the Contract's infirmity, other clauses or its parts. The invalid clause will be sustituted by the imperative regulations of the law and the conventional practice.
Clause 21. All the arguments between the parties have to be solved in the spirit of proper understanding and good will. In cases the agreement cannot be reached, all non-solved arguments, concerning the contract between the parties, including arguments, concerning its interperetation, infirmity, execution or termination, as well as arguments for filling gaps in the contract or its adaptation to newly arised circumstances will be settled in the court in city of Stara Zagora.
Clause 22. The written form is consedered observed if an e-mail is sent, a button ot the website is clicked, etc. The written statement have to be recorded technically, in order to be recalled easily.
Clause 23. (1) The intelectual copiright of each elements and resources of the website, where the Store is located (including present databases) are object of protection by the Copirights legacy and the related regulations and they belong to the Company or the stated person, which has given the copirights to the Company. The element, recources, databases, etc. cannot be used in violation with the operative legacy.
(2) The Client's access rights does not include copying and downloading information or using stuff, which are obejcts of copirights, except it is neglegible volume of information for personal use. The above statement has to be considered valid, if no rules or legacy is violated and in cases when the information will not be used for commercial purposes. Independently of the abev, the Client does not have the right to remove the copirght marks and signs, no matter if the copywriter is the Company of third parties.
(3) If an information is copied or used outside the regulations of the above paragraph, as well as if it is present any other violation of copyrights of the resources - graphics, texts, pictures, etc. which are properties of the Company, the Client owes to the Company the amount of 1500 BGN (one thousand and five hunderds) for each separate offence. The stated amount of the obligation does not deprive the Company of the right to pretend for bigger amount.
Clause 24. (1) If legacy and regulation changes occure and concern the conditions for selling goods, the current General Terms and Conditions may be revised by the Company. If such changes have been made the Company is obliged to inform the Client, by sending an e-mail to the Client or by posting a message on easy to be viewed place in the website. The Company should state the changes and to give to the Client 7 days term to become introduced to them.
(2) If in the limits of the term in paragraph 1 the Client does not state that he is objecting the new changes is considered that he is committed with them.
(3) If the Client state that rejects the changes is considered that the contract of Clause 4, paragraph 1 is terminated automatically with the receiving the rejection notice. The rejection notice should be sent to the Company's e-mail: The changes in the General Terms and Conditions do not affect the relation between the Client and the Company, arised in relation with valid order placed before sending the notice according paragraph 2.
Clause 25. For the issues, not described in the current General Terms and Condiotions the Bulgarian legacy will be applied.
Clause 26. Current General Terms and Condiotions are valid from 01.01.2012.